What controls information controls life


If you are not happy with your life, what do you need? Is it money? I think it ’s different.

Information = things that change life

This is my opinion. We don’t always think about information very well. Money is easy to understand. When you have something you want, you can get it if you have money.

But how do you make your life happy if you are poor and have no money? If money is what changes your life, the game is determined from the moment you are born. Certainly a child born in a rich family will be mostly rich. Why is that? Because parents invest, they learn to be rich on the shortest route. But there are many rich people in the world who are born poor but rich. No matter how they are born in a poor country or in a poor family, they become rich at a speed that ordinary people cannot imagine.

I think that the difference between them is our way of thinking about “information”. Of course, there are a lot of motivations and efforts to read various books, but I think this will be the final conclusion.

Information has power that cannot be changed into money. Information gives us potential, makes us have dreams and hopes, and teaches us how to be happy easily. And you can turn that information into money. I don’t think there is anything better than that.

I was born into a family that was never wealthy. My parents spent minimal money on me. Since I worked, I was paying college money myself, so I was always troubled by debt. But I have now been freed from the troubles of money and time. I now travel around the world.

Specifically, it is described in the following article.

I think I was able to change my life in the shortest time by always searching for information that I had, utilizing them, and sometimes sending them out. Until a few months ago, I thought it was still years before I could do this. My life has changed dramatically and suddenly. That was because there was information. No matter how much money was invested, this situation could not have been changed. Since there was no money before that, I couldn’t even do that.

Details are summarized in this article

That’s why I study languages. I am always looking for “living information”. To find them you need to know their language. And I want to send it to you sooner than anyone else.

So if you want to change your life now, look for live information that suits you.

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