The fact that the Internet eliminates the gap between the rich and the poor


I think that the enjoyment that the Internet brings is immeasurable recently. My family was not very wealthy. My parents were strict about money, so I had very little money, and even family trips were once or twice. There are a lot of places I don’t even know in my prefecture sightseeing area. I really didn’t know the outside world.

When I was a junior high school student, I was a sick and bad child who had no friends who couldn’t go out of the house. However, I talked to many foreign people on the Internet and embedded their values, so I could change my values ​​from the general values ​​of my home country from the age of 13. I did it.

I make many overseas friends in earnest since I went to the capital. They were really diverse and had a lot of value they didn’t know. And I changed some overseas work and changed everything in Finland when I was ready to die. I was able to work on a trip.

When I was a student, I had a lot of money invested by my parents and went abroad to study abroad, and I was always envious of seeing them sparkling. I always thought that I had money. It was obvious that they were successful when they received investment from their parents. That was always my inferiority.

Even after I worked, I had a poor life. There were days when I only eat one meal a day. I broke my body many times. Still, I used that money to travel abroad. I thought this was an investment for me. Traveling in the country costs money, so I was going to go to a country where I could go cheap with the same amount anyway, and used it to learn their values.

Since I was overseas for the first time, I was 18 when I was first, but before traveling to Finland, I traveled to 10 countries in three years. If you are an ordinary person, you are traveling quite often.

And I gradually start to get the knack. If you go to a country where prices are lower than yours, you can spend more money than you have in the past with the money you spend in your country. Even if you don’t know the language, you can do it by relying on Google. I realize that elementary school students can only learn English phrases for travel.

A lot of ingenuity is drawn on how you can travel cheaply if you search on the Internet. If you search on the Internet, you can make as many friends as you like. Most of my friends now are on the internet or travel destination.

I was freed up in both time and money because I was able to travel freely around the country on my favorite trip. The age of 22 in my country is about to leave the university and start work. They are still the starting point.

Furthermore, in the era when you can easily get information on smartphones, the difference between rich and poor, the environment where you were born, and the quality of home economics seals have become irrelevant. This means that everyone can live life in the same field equally. And from now on, people who use information for themselves will be happy. “Information” can change your life even if you are poor. The information you gather and move is the seed that makes you even better and happier. Information, unlike money, can add as much value as you want, and it is great for everyone. If you are worried about your life now, the Internet is packed with all the tips.

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