Story that withdrawal became traveler


I suddenly remember my school days. In the past I never really did travel.

My house wasn’t poor compared to other families, but my parents had only squeezed money for their children, so I had only traveled at school events. There are places I have never been to even the famous tourist destination of my prefecture. At that time, there were only a few that went to the center of the prefecture.

In the past I didn’t know the outside world. I always thought that the area I lived in was good, and the capital told me that it would be bad to go outside if there were only bad people. Actually I was not interested in the capital.

However, when I was in junior high school, I became malnourished, couldn’t go to school, had a bad mental condition, was swayed by the opinions of others, and every time I was denied, I started to feel uncomfortable in the world where I live. I calmly thought many times why this would happen. I hated my living environment and was locked up in the room. I never left my room on weekdays or holidays.

However, because people are creatures that cannot live unless they belong to the community, I ran into the Internet world. At that time, there was no smartphone, and there were only a few people who had their own PC. I was in junior high school.

I met many people. Many of them are metamorphic, but I avoided them and made friends with interesting people. They were very smart and high goal people. I spent a lot of time with high school students aiming to become a prestigious university, humanities university students who are trying to re-enter the medical school, and multilingual speakers who are highly educated. (In the surroundings, I think I’m not doing anything without leaving the room)

I was shocked to meet them. I knew only my area and I was convinced here that I felt uncomfortable. I thought that the outside world is different and that the values ​​of the area where I live are not all values. Meeting with people from overseas was especially shocking to me. I was very surprised that there was a war in the country where I didn’t live, and that the fact that it was slow to reach Japan or was not reported.

At that time, I was driven by a strong desire to see the outside world. At that time, he would have felt intuitively that he was not at his place. From there I found the significance of studying and continued studying for my future.

After graduating from high school, I experienced a lot of work overseas, including some overseas work. But I abandoned those careers and now I am writing a blog on a German bus.

I hope that my experience will be valuable information for someone else.

My blog contains lots of information from overseas and my way of life. Since the article is also updated irregularly, there are many shortages, but if you have an article you want to write, please contact us from the inquiry.



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