What to do if you feel anxiety recommended by a lonely traveler


We write in order of high immediate effect.

Improve blood circulation

The life of modern people is a bloody life. They do not sit and move in a chair while taking a lot of oil. Then blood doesn’t go to the head and their thinking ability is only reduced. Better blood circulation is the best way to eliminate the most negative thoughts.


Is your blood muddy? I think you need to take more water than food. If you feel stress, drink water first.


Most people now sit and work. However, this not only worsens blood circulation, but also makes you stoop. I have reduced my sitting time since I started traveling. It’s very good for your health not to sit down. Walking meditation is a particularly good way to calm your feelings.


Knowing yourself is the next step when you feel anxious. It doesn’t work right away, but if you think about it over the long term, it should eliminate your anxiety.

Write down anxiety

You are worried because you don’t know your troubles. Just as you do your work, get to know yourself and give instructions on what to do next.


Reading is very calming. Rather than unilaterally listening to someone else’s story, it becomes customary to think with your own head by listening to the opinions of others at your own speed. Reading also expands your possibilities. There is a quote of “reader is leader” as a favorite quote, but people who have a habit of reading books will be able to open their own path more reliably than others. If you don’t have the habit, you can make it a little bit so let’s make you a reading habit.


When you know what you need to do, take you to work. If your work gets better, your salary will increase and you will have a better life.

Meet people

Let’s catch up with each other’s recent situation. Since others are their own mirrors, there are many things that you will notice from others’ words.

Behavioral therapy

Eat delicious food

Eating delicious food will heal your mind and body. If you haven’t eaten outside recently, we recommend you to eat at a beautiful seat on the terrace. The rice to eat while looking at the outside scenery is exceptional.


Sleeping is a very useful feature that resets your head and returns it to a pure white state. If you haven’t been able to sleep recently, use aromas to make a peaceful sleep. In addition, according to a research paper by Northwestern University, it seems that the protein breaks down the muscles and accumulates fat, just because you cannot sleep enough overnight. Insomnia is the most important behavior because it can destroy the ideal system and even health.

Clean up (like the real thing, but also SNS)

The moyamoya in your head may be appearing in your private life. Once you try to get rid of your things or organize your relationships, you can feel refreshed and feel very good.

Enter activities

If you have n’t gone out recently, let ’s go out and enjoy it. If possible, it is better to interact with nature.


Laughing makes you positive. If you have a dark face right now, find interesting videos on youtube.

Do not use a mobile phone

Isn’t it dark recently because you see a lot of good posts on SNS? It is also important to have your time away from others.





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