To worry is happy


The other day I met again in Germany for the first time in the same period of the previous job. I asked him why he wasn’t floating, and he recently confessed that he wasn’t getting a response. He was also in trouble.

Troubles just because I work overseas
I’m already a free job so I can basically match my partner, but my previous job was to transfer overseas, so many staff members often worry about their future and marriage . Also, because my home country is a work power, there are many women who never get married. Many people are too busy to go abroad because they are too busy to find a partner. And suddenly, after a lot of work, I became deeply worried about my future.

There is a problem that there is trouble
I and he both agreed, “When I was in that department, I was too busy to think about anything.” They talked very nostalgicly when they were working until midnight for the required time. If you are so busy, you will not have time to worry. He talked that he could really face his future because he had time to face him.

Having trouble has a lot of options
They talked to each other that they didn’t bother as much as they did when they were young. I think that when I was young I had somehow told me that I had a relationship with the flow, but when I grew up I really felt that it wasn’t. When I really think about the other person, I often can’t say my feelings straight away, and sometimes there is a situation with the other person, so I can’t get the answer. Simply pressing your opinion will give you a simple answer, but self-priority is given priority. They talked to each other that they might be able to draw one step for the other person, bet on new encounters, and have more choices as they grow up.

Stress is not bad
We are surrounded by some kind of trouble every day. Each one is said to be stress, but this is not all bad. Stress enhances our stress tolerance and is a great way to protect someone who can be sympathetic when someone is in trouble.

We are usually surrounded by stress and worries and may not think slowly. But I have recently felt that it has enriched us and has a more free way of life than the past.



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