Who is an influencer?


A word ago, there were only influencers like bloggers and affiliates, so this word did not exist in the first place. I think that there is an era background when YouTuber and instagramer came out as a background that this word came to be used.

However, in general, this work seems not to be firmly established as a solid work. And I think its existence is vague and there are no demarcation boundaries.

That should be, because they enjoy the benefits instead of paying for their own lives, so the boundaries are ambiguous. I think influencers are “people who sell their lives”. It is defined as keeping attracting those who have the same sensibility as those who want to be by chasing every moment they live.

This is different from normal work. They don’t do a fixed job. What is right is the customer who sees the SNS or blog. It would be no exaggeration to say that they are good managers. How they attract customers with their “experience = product” is directly linked to their income. They run a low-risk business using the Internet, but they sell their “information” as a risk. Moreover, we can’t add value to the information, and we will make it look like it’s free.

Some people cannot help misusing the public information. In this era, you can identify and sell information from information published on SNS, so if you are writing more detailed blogs, the probability of being misused by them will be high.

I was very lucky because I realized this quickly. And it ’s also a part that people who want to become. I hope that more people will be active after understanding that this work will be better or worse depending on usage.



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