[To the rutted couple] The reason why it is good for each other to be cleanly separated


I have often hurt men and make them cry. In particular, it was “suddenly saying goodbye” that caused damage. This has been criticized by many people. Because it is said too much, I thought that this should be an article.

It seemed awkward at first sight, but it broke down in two months
In the past, there were people who were dating each other at a glance. Intuitively thought each other was probably the best match in their lives. But I said goodbye to this person in two months. To say this alone, most people often say “Isn’t it too early?”

Why does it take time to recover from a broken heart?
Every time I listen to people, the more likely they are to have a longer dating period, the more likely they are to break and fall back. I was wondering about this. The period of recovery of broken heart is proportional to the period of dating. We tend to think that “I liked the other person so much”, but when I think calmly, I simply spent “time” but the time was wasted, so regret is not big I think. Since there are so many memories for the time it takes, we are drawn to that “thought” and the recovery is slow. In my opinion, it is important to find out how well the other person is and how to break up. (Well, if you are cheating on your opponent, you may not even notice it.)

I like too much and can’t do anything
The reason I still don’t like romance is that I’m exhausted when I like it. Doing everything at the expense of yourself makes you suffer. As a result, I can’t stand and say goodbye to myself. I feel like it’s too hard. I have the option of breaking up to stop before I really get ridiculous. It ’s because you can see clearly that you ’ll hate each other without it.

Choose because you care about your opponent
I was very worried about the relationship with that person. However, I don’t think it’s love to keep on pushing my opinions. Dependent love will eventually distort. There is almost no good result in the love that either one has done. There is nothing more wasted than a social relationship. I feel really sad that I hate each other and get disconnected. I think that because I really like the other person, thinking about the other person and cutting it cleanly will be for me and for the other person.

I usually cut mercilessly from myself, but this time I was cheating on my boyfriend who had been with me for 3 years. Then it took 3 months to recover. I was angry with myself who was blind to love, and nothing more than what I really thought about the other person. It is not good for each other to socialize by inertia. I think that if you really think of the other person, you should cut the edge and find the next person. If you are thinking about a person who is thinking about something, please consult with them before you have an affair. If the other person thinks of you, it will forgive you.



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