I fell into a blog post slump


After being able to live on a trip, I suddenly became unable to write my blog. The more I tried to write a travel article, I couldn’t feel it under pressure.

I’ve always been afraid that there are no articles about my life or way of life on this blog. I knew the cause. However, once I was tricked by a personal information reseller, I was afraid to post my articles on the net.

I’m still scared. As with everything, risk is necessary to succeed.

I think bloggers are a risky job. They work their way of life. It can be said that their behavior and all the past history are packed into the blog. Blogs are their lives. Some people can use it if they want to exploit it.

However, I would like to face these directly. I have recently felt the mission of telling people about what will happen in the future. So I will give you an article about me little by little.



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