Lithuanian Food


Types of food

Saltibarsciai (Cold soup)

Lithuanian is said to be “cold borscht”, but it is said to be a cold soup among tourists. Boiled and chopped beets are mixed with leeks and kefir, chilled in a refrigerator, and decorated with boiled eggs and dill. The taste is mellow borscht. I think some people feel the taste light. It is a dish that likes and dislikes.

Žemaičių blynai (Žemaičių pancake)

It looks like a pancake made by a local tribe in Žemaičių. Mix boiled potatoes with flour, stir-fried minced pork inside. It is common to eat with sour cream.


In Lithuanian, it means “airship” and it seems to have come from the German Zeperin. The food itself is in the shape of an airship. This is almost the same as Žemaičių pancake. You can enjoy a delicious texture and delicious meat. The restaurant I ate is about the size of a fist, so I am surprised.

kremine baravyku sriuba (cream boletus soup)

A common dish in Lithuanian restaurants. Cut out the large bread and put the mushroom soup inside. It is recommended to eat while soaking bread in soup. It ’s bigger than I imagined, so I think women will be full soon.

restaurant & cafe

cat cafe in Lithuania

#outlet ,#wifi (slightly slow)
This is the only cat cafe in #lithuania(ΦωΦ) that seems to be popular as a sightseeing spot, and people from abroad sometimes see it. It is close to the #vilniuscaderalsquare , so you can use it for a rest stop by sightseeing. The cats don’t have tired faces, so you can see that the clerk at the cafe is looking after them. There are so many different types of cats that you will never get bored. Detailed information about cats is written in catbook. * There seems to be a commitment to interior and art There was a book of art works in the store. The explanation of the character to write here is written. Here we ordered crepes, Russian specialties #kvass , Lithuanian #coldsoup and #zemaiciublynai(pancake). I’m surprised that so much is 16 euros. The crepe fabric is thick and sticky. Gold soup is a gentle taste with mellowness added to borsch. Boiled eggs go well. Even with pancakes, it contains meat. Meat goes well with sticky dough. Plenty of mushroom cream enhances the taste. There are many #souvenir at the entrance. Since the magnet system is 3 euros, it is a bargain. I bought a cat earring (11 euros).

The Old Green House

#outlet (one place only), #wifi available
In a quiet location in the city centre, you can spend a leisurely time in nature. The store is very large and is ideal for groups. There are no people in the daytime, so there is no problem even if you stay longer. However, the store clerk often asks if there is an order. This restaurant is famous for its kremine baravyku sriuba (cream boletus soup). Of course, you can eat bread. The taste of mushrooms is strong, so you can hate them. I was a little weak. It was so big that I could n’t eat it all. I am surprised because it is only 5.2 euros. There were three large ice creams. I feel like writing a parfait anymore. Vanilla, shaved chocolate, a little iced berry taste, chocolate sauce and liqueur. I’m full today. I’m busy with the processing of the accumulated video.


A famous restaurant of #zeperinai , a #lithuanian ethnic dish. Here, dishes are made based on 20th century Zeperinai recipes made in collaboration with Lithuanian folklore scholars. A high quality restaurant that follows tradition and uses only Lithuanian products. Here, I resumed my senior who took care of me in my previous job! I felt mysterious after speaking my native language after a long time. We ate Lithuanian food Zeperinai and kraujiniai vedarai (blood sausage). Zeppelinai knead the potatoes with flour, put the meat inside, boil it, and eat it with sour cream. The skin collects in the stomach for the appearance. Even just one is full. Blood sausages look scorched, but they are delicious even without sour cream because of their crispy texture and sausage flavor. I forgot to take a photo, but I also drank Lithuanian beer. Refreshing is easy for women to drink. Lithuanian food is really big, so both are full. I met people for the first time in a few months. After all, traveling is the most fun way to visit people.

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