Introducing the prepaid SIM “MightySIM” that is perfect for European tours!


After staying in Finland for 2 months, it became a reckless journey of moving 10 places in a month. The most troublesome is the SIM problem. If it takes just 4 hours by land movement, SIM is different depending on each country to go to the next country, and it is difficult because you have to go overseas roaming procedures. I usually travel without a SIM, but because there are many hurrys, I need a quick Wi-Fi, so I bought this SIM when I was in Japan to prevent irritation.

Recommended person

・ People who plan to move in Europe every few days
・ People who plan to travel around the world
・ People who don’t want to worry about SIM
・ Person who wants to use SIM easily
・ Person who wants SIM for emergency

About MightySIM

This is a fully prepaid SIM card. You can use it as soon as you pay on the Internet. Sales are done on Amazon. Plans can be selected from 1, 2, and 3 and cover 33 countries in Europe, 33 countries in Europe + 33 countries in major countries, 33 countries in Europe + 33 countries in major countries + 110 countries around the world, so you can use them in other countries. We will proceed with taking it as an amulet as a precaution. Tethering is also possible.


In some countries it is cheaper to use the local SIM. It’s still a good price if you’re up to Europe, but it suddenly increases when you enter Plan 2. Also, basically, the portion that is not used within 30 days after purchase becomes invalid, so it will be used up.

1$ = roughly 107-110 yen.
It is easy to understand if you erase the last two digits of zero.

Country covered

It is as follows.

How to use

1) Insert the SIM into your phone and check if it is loaded
Please check if there is no response at this point, as it varies depending on the model.
2) Log in from this link based on the card PIN code
3) Charge the fee
4) It takes about 5 minutes to open, so check if it takes about 10 minutes.

*You can check the remaining amount from your own My Page. If you become less than 30%, you will automatically receive an email, so if you notice it, you will not lose it.

*I am using a Xiaomi mobile phone, but I can use it. Since ipadmini2 doesn’t respond a little, I’m going to check it later.



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