2.9.2019 Summary of Estonia trip


This was my second stay in Estonia. The first time I stayed for 3 days to participate in the Independence Music Festival in Estonia. As it was at that time, I like Estonia because the atmosphere of the Estonian people is very open, cheerful and very similar to me.

Cheerful and friendly Estonian

Estonia is a very strange country. Finland had only two friends in two months, but Estonia made two friends in a day. The Finnish people are very shy, while the Estonian people are surprisingly friendly. They make noises when people sleep, and no one gets angry with them. That was the most surprising. It was a shock because both Finns and Japanese people were sleeping. It’s very similar to Russians, but they are not very friendly, so they are not very similar to Russians.

Estonia is a multilingual country

The language is also very interesting. Estonian is very similar to Finnish. I was studying Finnish so I could quickly understand some words in their language. And they often speak Russian. However, the signs and characters of the store are all Estonian. I know they have just become independent of the Soviet Union, but it is a mystery why they do not unify the words they write and speak. When talking to them, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English and Japanese were very interesting. And their English is at least better than Russians. The pronunciation is still Russian, and it is difficult for me to hear.

I came to like Estonian again in this trip. Probably the best match among the various countries. It was also related to my studying Russian and Finnish. For me who studied these two languages, Estonia is very interesting. Estonian, Russian and English are languages ​​that have completely different pronunciations and words, but I think they are very good multilingual speakers who can speak them.

Tram in the middle of the road

I don’t know how to get on the tram in the immediate vicinity of Estonia’s old town. There was a tram in the middle of the road, so I didn’t know how to get on even if it stopped. I walked to the bus stop after all.


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