01.09.2019 Summary of Finland trip


I traveled to Finland without acquaintance for the first time and stayed for two months. At first, I felt it was difficult to like Finland.

Finnish who gets along slowly

When I wanted to get along with them, I really thought it was important to approach slowly. My 2 month stay was rather good. I think they are cautious about getting along because they see humanity firmly. But when you get along, you are very open-minded and can talk about anything. I only had two friends in two months, but I had a good relationship with them so much that I could talk to them.

Pronunciation is similar to Korean or Japanese

The language they speak is similar to my spoken Japanese, so I was able to acquire the power of hearing surprisingly quickly compared to studying English. There is a surprising difference in pronunciation between English and Japanese. But Finnish is a very pronounced pronunciation, so I understood it very well. It’s hard to use, but there are fewer words to remember, so you can make a mistake, so if you talk to them, they will respond with a correct sentence, so there is no problem in communication.

For me, two months seemed very long and short. There were many scenes where they were very difficult to understand because they had similar characteristics to the Japanese who were not good at them. However, I feel like I have overcome the wall by meeting them a lot. I was able to teach the goodness of Japan because I spent time with them. Even if they have similar personalities, the cultures are completely different. Their existence is very close to the shadow. It feels like it is in the vicinity but not conscious. That’s why the joy when you get to know it is something that you don’t have in other countries. I happened to be two months when I really thought it was good to start studying Finnish.



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