The road to earn 1000 euros with Google Adsense


It’s almost a month since the Google Adsense screening has passed. Until recently, I was fluttering at the work of videographer, so the blog was stopped.

From next month, the trip to Finland will be over and we will go to more than polygonal countries in a month.

By going through the examination, I was able to produce 0 to 1, so I think that the hurdles so far have decreased considerably. I want to make a profit in earnest.

In the native language site, the person I referred to had achieved 1000 euros in 9 months. This time I changed to an English blog and achieved Adsense screening three times faster, so I would like to reduce my goal to one third and achieve 1000 euros in three months.

I don’t know when the result will be, but I will keep a record.

1st month

・ Have Pinterest play an active part as an advertisement

2nd month

September 8

In particular, the European summary article was seen though the link was not attached, so SEO is applied.

September 9

Since it was always stressful that there was only an article and I couldn’t finish it, even if I didn’t have an article anyway, I just made a table of contents and changed the style to give it first. If you notice it, you can change it in a timely manner. If there is an article you want to see early, please contact us. Even if there are no comments, I’m thinking of editing as soon as possible when I reach the top of browsing in Analytics.

September 10

Thanks to the image of Pintarest I gave yesterday, 6 users flowed to the blog. You need to improve the quality of your blog while continuing to post new images to Pintarest. Use a blog post to mention the topic you are interested in using Google news.

2nd month overview

・ Develop SEO in order from popular articles
・ Create about 5 new pins when you notice at pintarest
・ Create real-time articles using Googlenews



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