Voice chat is useful for language learning


It was a language barrier that came to me when I came to Finland. Of course, Finnish, but English is not so fluent so I had the difficulty of making friends. Even though I could speak to a certain extent, the reason was that I couldn’t talk deeply until I became friends. I knew the cause, but until recently I was struggling to find it.

Even if I made new friends, it was very difficult to be estranged. Making new friends is very energy intensive. I didn’t have enough power to keep it.

As always, search for a person to talk to on various sites and apps. However, even if I was able to speak, I couldn’t understand the other person’s English at all. But I wanted to talk to someone. If you just chat, you’ll get tired of why it’s not easy. Despite being so tired in this way, homestay dogs were barking very well. I sent a frustrated feeling to my friend by voice message. I don’t know why, but somehow. But at that time, I felt really refreshed. Because I thought I was able to convey my feelings to the other person.

At that time I realized that voice messages convey not only events but also “feelings”. I sent a voice message to some other friends. Some people had never spoken, but they were very interesting and talked to me. At that time, I realized the possibility of voice messaging.

Benefits of voice messaging

・ Speaking and healing

This is what I really thought after using it. I think that it is a very good tool because you can not only say the phrase you thought of yourself, but also hear the response returned from the other party. The other party will send you without text, so you will need to concentrate and listen.

・ I can listen back and forth

In a normal conversation, the other party may ask you repeatedly and dislike it, but voice chat does not. You can ask yourself again until you are satisfied.

・ Practice many times

You can also erase while recording, so you can practice over and over even if it doesn’t go well. It is also a good point that you can practice until you are satisfied.

・ It can be adapted to the circumstances of the other party.

I think it’s amazing to be able to meet what I want to talk about while respecting the other person’s time. Moreover, even if there is an unexpected amount of time, the feeling of talking in real time remains, so it is very good.

・ Conversation continues with voice

It is easy to continue conversations with the other party because of the emotions. Until now, there were times when I couldn’t understand the other party’s feelings only with the text, but thanks to the voice, I could understand the other party’s feelings and made it easier to understand.

・ No loneliness

Recently, I was able to talk with people properly only in text, so it made me feel much easier. I realized the importance of being able to speak at my own pace, and I was relieved that my language was not really perfect.

Actual usage

Sentence structure

In any case, it is better to create a correct sentence than to speak properly. I often use google translation because I am annoyed.

To practice

Practice until you are satisfied.

To record

Let’s take one shot if practice is successful.


Think about what the other person is trying to say while thinking about the flow of the story.


Repeat what has been done so far. Occasionally you will also learn to listen to past pronunciations.



Let’s send it to a friend who got in touch! Great for those who have never spoken.


It is a language correction app and is conveniently equipped with this function.



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