Precautions when bringing a drone into an airplane


When you go on a trip with a drone, the problem is the battery. Batteries, etc. may be ignited or explode due to shock or heat changes, so they are restricted from being brought into the aircraft. The trouble is that the information varies from airline to airline, so here I would like to summarize it by airline.

Minimal knowledge

In conclusion, it is possible to bring the drone battery with you onboard. Basically, if it is less than 100wh, you can carry it in your baggage without any number restrictions. However, depending on the airline, there are differences in the number of batteries that can be carried and the watt-hour rating limits, so check before riding.

How to find the rated amount in Watts (Wh)

Watt-hour rating (Wh) = Battery capacity (Ah) x Rated voltage (V)
(MAh converts the unit by dividing by 1000)

For Phamtom3pro battery
68.096wh = (4480mAh / 1000) × 15.2V

Those with a watt-hour rating of 100 Wh or less → No limit on number
Watt-hour rating exceeds 100Wh and below 160Wh → up to 2
Things with a watt hour rating of 160Wh or more cannot be carried on an airplane.

Information by airline

Information about drones is compiled by airline. Parts that we do not understand are basically confirmed through inquiries. If you don’t know what your equipment is, you can get an answer on the same day when you ask from an official website such as Twitter.





Watt-hour rating: 160wh or less
Number limit: No limit if less than 160wh



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