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I thought about religion and way of life


Nationality, religion, gender, future … I wrote it because I had to think beyond many worries.

What is religion

As I concluded at the end of the last article, “Why Japan is non-religious”, I think that religion is only a means. I believe in “I can believe it.” Because people are weak creatures, they tend to lose confidence in themselves at all times, and that’s why people can’t maintain their identities without the support of something. Life is a wave, and because there is a wave, there is joy and sorrow. That is why human beings have a “heart to believe in themselves” and believing in the future is important for living.

What happens if you do not believe in yourself or the future

I think it will be “Don’t believe the future = death”. I believe that people who live are unbelievable but believe in the future unconsciously. Whether or not to commit suicide is there. If you can believe in yourself and believe in the future, humans will not bother to kill you. Because killing yourself means you couldn’t believe yourself. By the way, there are many people who commit suicide in Japan. I think this is only possible because it is a nationality that demands “consideration for others”. There is no one among them. And they don’t know who they are and what they live for, and every Monday morning, someone jumps onto the track and commits suicide. I always remember myself in the past when I see them dedicated to others in my life.

I couldn’t believe in people and life

Since I was betrayed by a person since I was five years old, there has always been a question in me, “Is a person an incredible creature?” As I doubted, I lived a life that was betrayed by a man. Neglect, mental abuse, school refusal, bullying, discrimination, malnutrition, bulimia, anorexia, prostitution, sexual disability, violence, power harassment, sexual harassment, personality disorder, cheating, fraud, debts … And most experienced bad things other than liquor and tobacco. Being betrayed by people over and over again, no matter how I am hurt, I have a way of life that is unique to Japan (similar to religion), “I live with consideration for others” I tried. But that’s what people who can get a lot of help from others, and people who are hurt by others like me can’t afford to do it because they sacrifice “self There was only. At that time, I was facing the opposite to pursue what I believe in because I am weak with people. Even though there are people who are unlucky in being born, everyone in Japan is put into the moment of being born in the religion called “the world”. There is no sense of religion in Japan, but I think this is a religion called complete Japanese values. I always hurt myself. And it becomes my habit and I still suffer from this trouble.

I was fortunate enough to talk with people from overseas, so I learned from them that I should take care of myself. And by having the experience of being betrayed by the people who taught me, I continued to learn that I had to take care of myself, no one was taken care of.

Now I don’t believe anything but myself.

As with anything, there is nothing infinite. I think now that parting with people is something that is part of it. That’s why I can always smile at anyone. I’d like to enjoy “now” instead of “future”. I really think so when traveling. There is something wrong with anyone. But until the end of my parting, I want to have a good relationship with that person.

To believe in yourself

The most important thing to believe in yourself is to have someone who gives you courage and who recognizes you.

Create a lover

This is the easiest example. But I don’t expect much because I have a mental or sexual disorder. But if you can, it is the most effective. Because what you love is happy.

Make friends chasing dreams

A person who believes in something has no blur, so I think it will be very helpful for me. I think people who look to the future are good. I’m very courageous to see them talking lively.

Religion is no longer important

I think religion will not be important in the future. As I think, this time is suitable for individuals. It is only what the person believes, and religion is the only indicator. There is a conflict because it is measured by that index, and I believe that all people are living with the belief in themselves. The direction everyone is facing is the same. Although I was born in an unreligious country, I was so unconscious about this because I often interacted with religious people. Which one is right and which one should I choose? But recently I don’t think it is necessary. Originally people are facing the same direction. So if you see someone like me, I want you to understand them without judging them based on your values. If you understand that religion is a sense of value, you will see fewer conflicts.


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