advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone



Get various values

This is very important for increasing your life options. Usually, it makes you unconscious to spend all your time in the country where you were born. But if you think your country doesn’t suit you, it’s a good idea to go abroad because you can travel. There are many things that are bad in your country and good in other countries.

Study language and culture

Language and national culture are closely linked. If you want to know the country, you will get a lot of natural information. I also think language is closely related to personality. It’s also why I can learn new languages ​​by learning languages.

There are many encounters with people

I think it’s a good thing to be overseas that you can have as many connections as you want, including friends and lovers. I think it’s very fun and fulfilling to find people who take care of you and who you care about in the world. There were people who considered life as a restaurant. There aren’t always people who came from the opening. Someone who came in suddenly will be with you for a long time. When I think so, I feel every day that life encounters are truly mysterious.

You can always go to important people

Family, lovers, friends, people who have taken care of … I think it’s great to be able to meet your favorite people whenever you want, and that’s what really enriches you. Because it is a short life, I always want to live a life just for my favorite person.

Work and private can be adjusted freely

Recently, I have been able to work a lot when I am most active, and when I can’t do it, I can take a rest slowly. I had a lot of mental problems, so this was a very important factor in changing myself slowly. I am in the process of healing and growing myself little by little.


Lost of purpose

When you are in a state where you can go around the world, you will be skeptical of the purpose of your journey and the reason for living.

Schedule management required

If you lose sight of the purpose, your direction will be considerably blurred. If that happens, the day will be a day off or nothing will be done, so anyway, the tasks in front of you are gathered together and one by one.

Language barrier

This is the hardest of all. I really worried because I don’t like to speak my native language. To speak deeply, you need a certain level of language skills. I tried to make language exchange friends over and over, but each time I hit a language barrier. But it’s natural that we don’t understand each other. I gave up and honestly communicated my feelings to my friends. I try to understand my friends. The important thing is how you change this situation now. Translate with Google Translate, copy and paste and contact us to solve everything!



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