21_Finnish Language School (Level 2) 1 month experiences
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Finnish Language School (Level 2) 1 month experiences


It is an AED (#aed_traveler) studying in Finland. The Finnish language school was finished a few days ago, so this time I would like to list the impressions and reflections.

My language skills before studying abroad


 I can hear if the other person can imagine a conversation, but I can not understand 80% of the conversation I can’t imaginge . I have never taken classes in English. I can not talk unless I use Google translation. If you try to read Finnish English text, give up on the way.


Studying started from one month ago. I just read a little textbook. Study a few basic phrases. Mostly not studying.

My language skills of one month studying abroad later


There is no resistance to reading or listening to English. Even if I can not read it, I will be able to extract important information from the grammar etc. and read it partially. Google Translate came to be used only for words that I do not understand.


 I can hear the words I learned. I can ask them question. I can introduce myself. I can talk from myself. I always keep notes and write them if I do not understand.

Contents of class

15 two and a half hours to three hours classes. Commentary in English and sometimes in Finnish. Study one chapter in two days. We talk with our pair well because this is a conversation-oriented class. Preparatory study required. I do not give detailed explanations of my homework, and most of them do conversation practice or hand-made exercises or textbook exercises. The students who received Level 1 say that although the pace was centered around English at Level 1, it was a slow pace, but at Level 2, the amount of pace-up and homework increased suddenly. That’s why a third of the students dropped out.

details of study abroad

About self-study

The class was for 4 days in a week, but I studied for almost 5 hours almost every day. I was studying from 4 am to 11am when I got up and went out. Moreover, I could not understand the class, so I listened to the class while being taught by my classmates. I sometimes didn’t know my classmate’s English, so I went back home and asked the Finnish people in the app. It was quite late because it was from the 10th class that I could keep up. (It is natural because the study of Level 1 was not made in time.)

I will make a separate article about detailed self-directed learning.


・Can practice conversation

zAs there are many conversation exercises and hand-made exercises, it was good to have many classes to get used to. The important thing in the language class was to try it out, so it was a very practical class.

・You can make new friends

I think it is an environment where people from different countries can study seriously because they come to study seriously for their work and partners. There are many other Asian people. There were also many Russian people. Because of that, I was very careful because I was not able to prepare in time, but I think it is a good progress because I became able to speak for a while in the end.


・ Class is early

As level 3 is language ability that is not troubled with everyday conversation that can apply for citizenship, it is clearly calculated because it is calculation to acquire the level in 3 months when you receive from level 1, so it is early class. Moreover, the lessons are mostly exercises, so if you don’t understand them, you will not be able to solve the exercises at all and it will take time.

・ Can not connect with Finns

In classes alone, Finns are only teachers, so even if you try to ask questions, they will be long lines. I think it would be better to get acquainted when you can come. A lot of it. I found language-exchange-mate in “interpal” and “hellowtalk”. I think there are probably 10 people now. There is one mate who meets every week.


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