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Hello, it’s AED (#aed_traveler). I’m leaving Japan and traveling abroad. Today I would like to share the health prevention methods I am doing. I think this health prevention is a good way to apply to people who have not traveled separately.

Even sick I can live abroad

When I am in Japan I think I really went to the hospital more than 10 times a year. Before I went to Finland, I was particularly busy, so I had a sore throat and sometimes lost my voice. I often tried to cure myself, but I could not get rid of it and eventually I got worse and went to the hospital. I had never thought I was ill at all until now, but it may be ill if I review it again.

At that time, I was wondering what to do when going to a hospital to get to Finland. Of course it is different from when you live in your home country, so of course medical expenses are fully paid. Words can not be transmitted enough. So I went to Finland to prepare for what I could do. Then, it was a turning point of the season, and the temperature difference was severe daily, and the climate was fluctuating, so I had a throat cold as I thought. It was 2 weeks after arrival. Thanks to the medicines I had prepared when I was in Japan, I could recover without going to the hospital. When I was in Japan I was worse if I was trying to cure myself!

At this time, I thought about prevention. When I first reviewed the health prevention I came up with, I came to a conclusion. That was “prevention = recognizing”.

What is recognizing?

So far, I have not been thinking so much about going to the hospital, especially if I became ill and what kind of medicine each drug I take is effective. The paper on which the medicine details were written was immediately dumped in the trash. And I get the same illness again.

We can get a lot of information when we get sick. What is the cause of the problem, and how can we cope with the medicine? What is your constitution? If you understand this, you can cope with the level that you can respond yourself, and if it is not so, it will also inform the doctor properly and lead to curing the disease early.

Three categories of cognition

There are three major categories of cognition.
It is about understanding in advance information on past, present and future health.


The past information will tell you what kind of tendency you are. There are many things to learn from the past.

Information of your past sickness

Remember what caused your illness so far. In addition, let’s absolutely confirm the disease name and the cause when you ask a doctor in the future. In Japan, there are many doctors who only give medicine without saying the name of the disease, so there were many parts that did not know the disease so far.

Information on medicines you took

This is more important than anything. I am now trying to store detailed data on medicines when I received a prescription. If you get a similar illness overseas, you may find it easier to take the medicine if you take notes only on the name of the medicine and tell that it has been cured. It is even better to leave a note as to what kind of medicine he / she cures the most or not.

At one time I studied the knowledge of dispensing pharmacies and Kampo medicine in order to gain a deeper understanding of this. If you are interested in this field, you may feel more familiar.


Make sure you understand the information that is not particularly healthier than people. In the case of me, I have low blood pressure and I am careful about illnesses that cause surgery. There are also some negative trends in the gynecology and mental systems. People often get sick because they are not healthier than others.

Physical condition information

Check your health at least once a year. You can tell me blood information even if you donate blood, so I think it is good to use it. I am saving the photo of the test result and the translated result of the test result to the smartphone so that I can go to the overseas hospital.

Mental state information

There is only an invisible part, and it may not be information that is often forgotten. In order to measure mental status, it is necessary to know whether you are likely to get sick due to the mind besides the state of secretion of thyroid hormone by blood information. (Especially people who have no problem with their growing history)

This includes ACE testing, a test of how past trauma affects future health status. There are only 10 questions. People with 4 or more people are more likely to have 2.5 times more chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hepatitis, 4.5 times more depression, 12 times more suicide than 0 people. By the way, I was seven, so it seems that the chance of getting sick due to the spirit is quite high. It is ironic that I have never been diagnosed with depression by a doctor.



It is important to prepare for the future little by little from the present stage so that you will not hesitate when you become ill.

Medical insurance information

Unexpectedly, many people do not know it and are surprised, but if you have a strong credit card abroad, overseas travel insurance will be automatically attached. I think at least you need to know if your insurance is attached and how much it will be granted. Also, be sure to get an insurance certificate (in English) from your insurance company when traveling. This is an effective period of three months, and the insurance company will bear the burden even if you are injured or hospitalized while traveling. Remember to have a receipt and a medical certificate when you have a medical examination. Although it is essential abroad, I think that it is best to decide whether there is a possibility of hospitalization for people who are in the country. For example, a person driving a car should never enter because the probability of a traffic accident is high.

Hospital information

I think that it is better for people going overseas to make a note of information from medical institutions in each country such as their own Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, when you get sick, there are many situations where various problems are mixed together, so I think that it would be safe if you grasp various nearby hospitals. The diagnostic result is quite different whether it is a place where the same medicine has the latest technology or a traditional medicine such as Chinese medicine is prescribed.

Protecting your health is also for people other than yourself

In Japan, I think it is customary to go to the hospital as soon as you get sick. One third of medical expenses are paid by oneself. It is 10% self-pay when it comes to elderly people over 60 years old. There is no wonder that Japanese hospitals are very busy everywhere. More than half should go with the elderly. But some of them are not unhealthy. Most are old people who are lonely and want to talk to people in the hospital.

At first glance this is not a bad thing, but this has increased the medical expenses of Japan’s finances year by year. Japan now spends 12 trillion yen on medical expenses only! This is equivalent to one tenth of the national spending. The government also calls for self-management in this regard, but few people are responding.

On the other hand, when you look at Russia etc., most people do not go to the hospital even though medical expenses are free. Most of them take time and the quality is not very good. They often go to the “pharmacy” to buy medicines that fit their health problems and deal with them. Moreover, pharmacies exist in Russia more than convenience stores. This surprised me a lot. They can also suggest specific medicine names when they speak that they are ill normally. It is a matter of course for them. This practice is very good not only for us but also for the country.


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