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Charm of studying abroad in Finland


Three weeks have passed since I studied in Finland. It is AED (#aed_traveler). First of all, since the Finnish Level 2 class in July was finished yesterday, I would like to look back on studying in Finland and summarize it.

Suitable for studying in Finnish

Looking at my classmates, there were 2 types of international students. please refer.

study type

・ Person who is aiming for multilingual
・ Those who are thinking about graduation thesis at university students (major of language)
・ Person who wants to improve one’s English ability
・ Anyone who wants to study abroad cheaply

migration type

・ A person who wants to work in another country
・ Persons in countries with strict visa restrictions (such as Russia)
・ A person with a Finnish love partner

Charm of studying abroad in Finland


Can make multinational friends

Finland can meet people from different countries thanks to the same classmates and attractive tourist destinations that they want to emigrate in a culture of high education and good IT technology. During the last three weeks I have had exchanges with people from 17 countries including classmates and roommates in the hostel. This was the biggest surprise among me. (Turkey, Russia, Korea, China, Japan, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Amelia, Australia, Austria, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany)

Motivation of study does not go down

There are many people who are highly educated, especially if you live, so you will always find that learning in Finland is something other than language. There are many people who really want to move and study as classmates, so I think it will be hard for school if you can not follow the other way around. (I was so.) On the other hand, it was hard to give up because everyone supported me even if I was studying everyday.


Welfare benefits are good and easy to migrate

I noticed when I studied abroad, but I think Finland is surprisingly the best country for migration. If you pass the Finnish Intermediate Test and can live for 4 years or more, you will receive citizenship. I think it will be a relatively easy country to take even Russians who are said to have severe migration. For the Finnish intermediate level, two months of language study at the summer school is sufficient.

Feel free to touch art

As you travel around Finland, you will find lots of Baptized Finnish uniqueness and colorful buildings and works of art. Finland is also very good at combining business and art, so it’s easy to put it on the Insta, taking care of the interior, etc. even in a small shop.

We are healed because there are many nature and animals

Helsinki is a city that makes it easy to explore compactly, especially if you walk a little, you can see the forest, and if you walk a little, you can see the sea. There are many animals that people are used to, such as gulls and ducks, so you can enjoy walking alone.

Easy to enjoy sightseeing

Studying is also important for language learning, but I think I can feel Finnish more familiarly if I can enjoy sightseeing. There are many ships and trains from Helsinki, so it is easy to access countries other than Finland. Estonia can be two hours by boat.


There is an environment to practice Finnish

The shop is written in basic Finnish. I think that it is a good environment because I can learn Finnish only one around the shop. I think that practical Finnish is an easy-to-learn environment as everyone will make corrections so that speaking in Finnish will make it easier for the other person to understand.

You can exchange languages ​​even if you are not fluent in English

The Finnish people speak basic and trilingual languages ​​(Finnish, Swedish, English), so their language skills are high. Since I am Japanese, I can only understand Japanese properly, so I thought it would be difficult to find a language exchange mate. However, when I study with a Finnish girl who wants to learn Japanese (a five-language speaker), I can speak a little in Japanese, so I can exchange language even if I am not fluent in English.

You can improve your English language skills little by little

When I study other languages, I write explanations in English rather than in my native language. Thanks to that, I am not fluent in English, but I think it has been improving little by little. I personally feel that it would be wasteful to spend a lot of money studying abroad in English. Because people do not learn anything unless they need it. Moreover, if you study with other languages, you will be able to start over from grammar, so it is easy to understand where your own English is wrong.

The quality of language study goes up sharply

My Finnish class is very fast and I have a lot of homework. I think that I studied five or six hours every day. That’s why I can also realize that my way of studying my language is getting better and better. My language school runs in summer months, so I recommend that you try to touch other languages ​​in Finland just during summer vacation.

that’s all.

If you are interested in studying in Finland, read this article. It explained the easy way to study abroad.

Tuition fee of 200 euros per month how to apply to the finnish school of Helsinki University



  • Emily

    Dear AED,

    It’s me, Emily Chang from Taiwan. Thank you for sharing your opinions. Are you still studying in Finland? Do you want to immigrate to Finland in the future? I sent you email but you did not reply so I was wondering how are you going but luckily you seem doing well as always.

    Emily Chang

    • AED

      Dear Emily

      Actually, I answered 28 Jun.
      Please check it.
      Actually, I not plan to live in Finland.
      because recently I finded new job.
      But I live in here util next month later.


      • Emily Chang

        Dear AED,

        It’s good to hear that. I hope you can find better job when you get back to Japan. Im planning to study in Finland alone. I just broke up with my boyfriend who I thought he would’ve lived together with me since this summer in Finland. However, I gave up on this relationship. I stopped texting to him and tried to look straight forward.
        Anyway, thank to your useful information I feel confident to study abroad.

        Emily Chang

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