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Advising a minimalist to enrich life


Hi everyone, long time no see. It is AED(#attractiveeveeryday). In order to move to Finland from the end of this month, I dropped a lot of various things in the room. Originally travel is a hobby, so I have a habit of reducing things so that I can travel at any time, but I would like to share it with everyone as I was able to reduce things and find that it would be a minimanist.

The present day full of things

There are lots of things around us now. A long time ago, people had their own value in having things because having a car or a house was a status. And now, with the advent of the Amazon, getting things fast has overwhelmingly accelerated, and it has become a time to buy things more easily. Recently, a monthly contract storage service has started. That’s why I want to encourage you to live with fewer things. Because things are enemies that deprive you of the money and time needed to live your challenging life.

Even people who are not good at cleaning can be minimanists!
Originally I was not a minimanist at all. In the old days, things could not be thrown away in the reverse of the present, and the room was always commonplace. After all, my parents were not good at cleaning in the first place, and I always grew up in an environment with many things. There was always a room like a storeroom in the house, and when I was cleaning the house I often packed my luggage there, and I was no better than cleaning it.

And when I am a high school student, I happen to find “Merkari (Japanese flea app)”. I think this was the first opportunity for me to reduce things. I didn’t get money from my parents, and I was banned at school, so I thought at that time that I wanted to make money. First of all, I used the app to sell unwanted books, manga, games, etc. in my room. I only spent 3 months, but I could make $ 200 money just by putting a photo and a statement on something as good as free. And my room was obviously cleaner than the first.

The famous Japanese freelance app “mercari” now

However, when I first came to live in Tokyo, I forgot such things and started to mess up the room as before. Then, things were lost, things could not be found and bought, or stress could not be helped. So I also remember to be serious about cleaning and began to devise gradually. Recently, just selling house stuff in a few months not only made $ 700, I also lost time to clean up, and I was able to do the overseas migration I wanted to do. I got my time, money, and opportunities. Not only do things get used, but if you can’t use them, you will get in your way of life.

The benefits you get from reducing things

1) You can make money

I was able to turn it into money by selling things equivalent to throwing it away. Nowadays, anyone can easily sell things, not just where they live. Also, since I have a kimono, I can deposit it with a rental company and get a margin.

2) save money

When I came to buy things on the premise of reducing things, I came to buy only what I really needed. It is less to buy things at the price or feeling. In addition, you can live in a place without storage if you do not have a thing, so it will save you $ 1200 in a year if the rental is cheap.

3) There is no time to look for things

The more things you have, the more time you have to be caught by things. Even if you can’t find anything, it will take 10 minutes, and you will end up buying the same thing again. If you live with only a limited thing, it will disappear at all and stress will not accumulate.

4) There is no time for cleaning

I have lost my life and no longer cleaned. Because there is nothing to clean up. When we think about cleaning once an hour, we notice how we are spending time on things.

5) Become positive

Your room represents your head. When the room is messed up, things are likely to be stressful about your eyes. The reason you feel better when you clean up is because your head is organized. Also, if you have fewer things, you will collect things you like and designs that you like. A life surrounded by your favorite things makes your life a good one.

6) Become a bean

The cause of room clutter is caused by the accumulation of small rooms every day. When you become able to get rid of the small room clutter every day, that habit appears in cleaning, email and work as well.

7) Be prepared to advance things systematically

The sort of clean up I really want to do is not something that can be started in a day. First of all, it is necessary to check 1’s own room, 2 ‘to sort out what’s left, 3’ to dispose of each and 4 ‘to organize the rest, so it will take a surprising amount of time. But the amount of things around you is reduced by that amount. Doing this in a short period of time can also increase your planning.

8) It becomes easy to grasp the chance of life

Isn’t there something you give up when you decide to do something? For example, if you have a house, let’s move abroad! Probably not. I think that it is normal to give up because there is a house. But, I start living with nothing and suddenly live three months ago in Finland! I was able to achieve what I thought. No matter who you have the chance, you can not grasp it unless you are ready.

When you can keep your room clean, you can afford time and money. You will also be able to do a little more everyday, which will increase your work efficiency. If you get your chance on that, there’s no reason you won’t reduce things. I think that I want you to send to a lot of people a fulfilling life with only the things you love from among the many things that you have, because you have many things.


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