History of my language learning that I can speak other languages ​​for now
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History of my language learning that I can speak other languages ​​for now


Thank you for watching this blog. It is a manager’s AED(#attractiveeveryday). Recently, younow has been distributed in English, and I am often surprised to hear that some listeners are good at pronunciation in English and “I can speak English”. I use Google translation by myself, and I think that I have not done it yet, but I reviewed my history of language learning once. Then I was able to see some surprises and I would like to share the contents with you today.

My language history

What I thought when I created my language history is that I have been studying English for a long time! I studied English for ten and a half years! ! I tought. By the way, I can speak English for the first time since I traveled alone in December, so it’s about six months …. I thought it would be the English I was studying at school.

·Problem presentation
When we generally try to learn a language, we tend to open textbooks and learn from grammar and words. Despite studying for such a long time, we can not speak at all. Why is that?

・ Conclusion
Because I did not give priority to studying “speaking and listening” I thought in my experiences so far. Especially in Japanese schools, I only study writing and reading for 10 years. There are “speaking, listening, writing, reading” to learn the language. However, to be able to speak the language, you can practice enough just by speaking and listening. In particular, “pronunciation” is also the most important element in telling the other party what you are saying.

However, there are minimal requirements for getting good at speaking. There are two types: one side and the other side.

The minimum requirements for the environment of the other party are “good pronunciation” and “a situation where the flow of the story is known.”

Good pronunciation
We often tend to forget the importance of pronunciation, but I think that is the most important part of speaking here. The reason is that you can not speak well because you can not hear the other person even if you speak the correct sentences. In other words, even if you know the pronunciation well even if you don’t understand the word very much, even if it is a word or a word, the story is conveyed unexpectedly.

The situation where the flow of the story is understood
The reason why there is a hearing test for language problems is to find out whether you can hear what you hear suddenly and have the power to predict from what you are hearing. For example, I am broadcasting, but I notice that there are roughly patterns that I talk about, as a lot of people I meet for the first time every day. Each time I try my English better. Although we are often unconscious, it is surprising that even if you just think about what the flow of the current story is and listen to it, you will be surprised even if you do not understand the language of the other party.

The minimum requirements of your own environment are “speaking purpose”, “skilling power”, and “power to imitate”.

Purpose of speaking
It is important for you to have the feeling that you want to tell this person, because what it means to talk in the first place is “to convey your opinion to the other person”. It is difficult to understand in daily life, but it is strengthened if you travel here. This is because there are many situations where you will be at a disadvantage if you do not tell the other party, for example if you are in a situation where you have booked a hotel room but you are not able to do so, you will be paid for it Is not it? People can not but be active in speaking when they are in a situation where they can not escape.

Power of investigation
People tend to think that it is possible to find out, but I think that is the most needed power. It’s not just a search, it’s a word you don’t know! And I think it is important to “recognize” and examine. I just thought that I was able to improve my word skills dramatically by examining it and thinking that it might be important or need to learn. I often don’t teach from here when I learn languages ​​to people who are actually good at language skills. Only ask where you did not know yourself. It was said that. One month after that, I would follow Russian, but I remember I was able to speak. (I totally forgot it now.) After all, it is the best shortcut to study consciously by yourself.

Imitation power
This is the force I have the most of these. When studying different languages ​​from friends in different countries, I always imitate. It’s like a kid again and again. That’s why I often get the nickname “Oum-chan” from various friends. But in the end this is a shortcut to improve the best pronunciation. When I was watching a movie alone, the words I heard were immediately spoken and imitated. Pleasure when I was able to pronounce cleanly in one shot is half.

What I thought was that I was actually doing language learning and I could use this
Well, from here I will write what I am actually doing in real life. I’m glad to be a hint for your language learning. I have listed in order of recommendation.

Learn other languages
It is a study method that I recommend most unexpectedly. It sounds like a roundabout, but I think it’s surprisingly a shortcut. I have many friends who are fluent in language so I was naturally Japanese and had many opportunities to study other languages. Each time I write new language translations in English. At first my translation was written in Japanese, but my friend of the multilingual speaker told me that “Japanese is too different from other grammars, so it is better to write a translation in English.” . I don’t realize when I’m doing this, but it’s surprisingly easy when I study English again! There were many scenes that I thought. If you have time to spare, we highly recommend it.

Cover a range of grammar documents for beginners
Before learning the new language, I often read the grammar book for beginners at the latest within a week. I do it well because I can understand the flow of study and make a simple preparation. Also, when I get stuck in language learning, I read again and remember it once.

A grammar book for beginners that I love to study English language

Travel abroad alone (preferably without WiFi.)
It’s the most awkward way, but it gives you the chance to speak the most. I traveled alone in five Southeast Asian countries, but by the end of the day I had no sense of resistance to speaking English. Because there were so many unexpected happenings while traveling, I often lost myself if I didn’t give my opinion. There are a lot of uneasy things such as not being able to book a hotel, the flight was canceled, or the passport was lost. Also, because I did not rely on WiFi, I did not rely on the Internet, so I had the opportunity to listen to various people on my own.

Practice speaking while using Google Translate
It is the most commonly used study method. There are two reasons to use Google Translate. If you have any questions in the first place, translate and use immediately. This will eliminate the question later on at the earliest stage, as there will be no postponing later. You do not need to know everything. If you can understand just the whole, let’s improve it next time. Use the second pronunciation function. This will tell you the correct pronunciation, not a little more than pronounce yourself. And immediately read back. This alone will improve your pronunciation quickly.

Make everyday life into another language
I always use mobile settings screens and social networks etc that I always use to be aware of languages ​​with my language learning account. My style is aimed at “practical language learning”, so I will immediately learn these words and so on.

A language learning method that can be used in daily life.

Learn the history of the country
There are some theories, but I also think that language and culture should be considered as a set. In particular, when studying a lot, people often think that even the thinking circuit is fixed depending on the language they use. In Japan, for example, there is a culture that is in harmony with the surroundings, with one’s own opinion suppressed, so there are a lot of vague expressions that are unclear or not clear, and on the contrary there are few distinct expressions. In addition, since there is a culture that cherishes the seasons in Japan in the past, Japanese color is also very colorful. There are also many color names that Japanese people don’t know too much. Language is thus closely linked to culture. When you want to learn a new language, check out the history of that country on Wikipedia, even during the break.

By the way, this time I wrote down some tips for language learning. It might be too bad to write it too much, but I plan to improve it little by little while seeing your comments later. I am a human being who can not really concentrate. That’s why I wanted to share a surefire way to stay in touch for a long time without being able to focus on you. No matter how intensively you study, you can not learn because humans do not think they are necessary and they can not acquire skills. Instead of studying for a test, will you continue studying together to enjoy your life?


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