4 money habits to make your trip a success


Recently, people around me often say “I can travel like that and get rich.” However, until three months ago, I actually had $ 4700 in debt. Despite that, I will succeed in having $ 5,500 of my own funds this month. (And I could also make travel expenses separately.)

This time, I will teach you how to make a profit from negative to positive in order to commit travel in a short period of time. I think this will help you achieve the financial goals you wanted to achieve outside of travel. (However, I will talk under the conditions that I have secured time to travel.)

·Problem presentation
Why are you not able to do it if you want to travel? When asked the question, many people say “I have no money and 2 hours”. Some of the world will be traveling with high school backpackers traveling around the world for 11 million yen, and even busy presidents on two schedules. If you say “I want to see your current status, show 1 household account book and 2 schedule book” to everyone like that, everyone answers “No, I don’t have it.” Do you all know the problem now?

・ Conclusion
Yes, we are “not able to understand the status of money and time = not able to visualize”. Since we can use paper or Excel to solve these problems, it is possible to travel with less time and less money just by writing out your current status and tasks to be done! So how does money go up? There are two ways. Isn’t it likely to increase money if you can visualize “reducing the money you spend” and “raising the money you enter”? I will introduce concrete examples that I actually went from now on.

·Concrete example
The three money habits I actually made are here.
Is not it so simple? ?
0 Arrangement: Centralization of financial information
※ I omit this because it is not a habit. I will make an article next time.
1 Planning: Life planning, make a TODO list
2 Remind: Make a cost note and put a cost note where you can see it
3 Actions: Increase the money you get while reducing the money you spend
4 update: update every time there is money movement
※ Basically, repeat 1 to 4

1 plan
The goal here is to put together the management of current money and actions to be done. This is the most important part of the world because it can move the big trajectory of life.

Life planning
It is a balance table of one year. Here you can “Manage Money”. You can make this and see the movement of the money of the year. The expenses (fixed), expenses (extraordinary = expenses necessary to achieve the target), and income are described in a row in a row of 12 months in a row.

Life planning created by Excel

The point is to reduce fixed costs and keep track of fixed costs and debt payments.

Thanks to this I was able to find out everything including my debt status. One debt was 70,000 for interest only, so I could avoid paying $ 150 for early repayment. I confirmed again that there is no need to repay the other debt immediately, so I decided to save the necessary expenses while I was out of travel.

TODO list
It is a list of things that you should achieve the goal. Here you can do “time management”. If you can make this, you will be able to act in a short time without bothering.
Simply create a classification, achieve it, list the planned date, and check it as you go.

Todo list created in Excel

If you come up with a point, write it anyway. The goal here is to reduce the time you spend worrying and remembering, and achieve the tips and goals while you are busy.

This allowed me to finish all the preparation needed to stay abroad early. There are a lot of things I do not know, especially when I am staying for the first time, so I have to do this too! I have to do that too! As it is often the case, you can handle the whole thing without regret.

2 Remind
Expense note
It is the role of a stopper that prevents you from spending the money you have entered immediately. Here you can “manage minimal money”. If you can do this, you will save on impulse savings and achieve savings. Make a note of the necessary expenses that have not been saved based on the life plan you made initially. I write the name, the amount, the time limit, put it on the wall, and distribute it as soon as I get the salary. In the case of me, I am paid in cash, so I put it in an envelope, and divide it and go to the transfer later.

Expense note (envelope) put on the wall of the room

Stick the points where you see every day. Make sure to check if you have achieved! After that, do not touch the money of the transferred account at all!

I was able to reduce impulse buying thanks to this. I think that I was able to buy in the range of the remaining money even if I wanted to buy something, so I was able to reduce useless shopping a lot.

3 actions
We use money and time as our behavioral resources. You may get a thing for the price. Our money can increase one’s own money by improving the balance of money and time and things. Most people may find it difficult to put into practice the money they raise, but the money they reduce will change a lot! I managed to save more money and save my money. Please practice by all means.

Thing: By holding things, people spend their money and time to keep things in check. The rooms are messy because they have many things. If the room is messed up, nothing will be found, and only time will be taken. Recently, it has become an era of paying for storage. Remember that having things also reduces your assets.

Money to reduce
Things: Reduce things in the room. Imagine a move and let’s throw away something in the house at once. In my case, I moved abroad so I made sure that the carryback and backpack only fit the package.

・ Discard unnecessary things
・ We digitize all paper materials
・ We sell unnecessary things in flea market
・ I give to the person who wants what I do not need

Time: Organize your relationships once. If your cell phone is gone now, who do you want to contact if you forget your social network PW? Let’s spend your important time only for the person who came to mind.

・ Create a list of human relations priorities
・ Unnecessary drinking party
・ We refuse rice

Money: Money is a tool for exchange. If your goal is solid, there should be no useless sweets, or contracts that are having trouble with cancellation somehow. You will notice that when you calculate the expenses you need, you have unnecessary money.

Check the life plan as soon as the payday is reached, and transfer the expenses to be saved to the account. You can freely use it within one month of money.
・ Save 5 dollars
・ I do not have a wallet when I go out for a while
・ I will go out with only the necessary money

Save $ 5 in a world map savings box

Money to increase
Things: Some things that you have alone are things that you can make money continuously by sharing with someone else. If it is important, learn what you can do for money by depositing it with someone instead.

・ We try to deposit things using sharing (Kimono, brand-back, cars, etc.)
・ I sell it with the flea market app (I earned 50,000 yen with the app called Mercalli in Japan. However, this is limited to Japan.)
· Submit a tax return and file a tax return

Time: Everyone has 24 hours a day. Do you use night time after work effectively? Which one day would you like to work better today than work with money instead of spending money?

・ Earn using time sharing work (Wober Eats)
・ We put on work of simple labor at night
・ Affiliate, try to study investment

Money: With money you can also make money with money. If you don’t want to save money, there is no way!

・ Earn at Online Casino (Minimum $ 30 ~ However, study is necessary.)
・ Earn by investment


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