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About This Blog



This blog “Attractive Every Day” is a blog where AED (@aed_traveler), a traveler who travels the world, sends info about overseas with beautiful scenery.


👩‍💻Work:Traveler job👩‍💻

I am proud to be able to find a work style as a traveler with a comfortable life style and to live with it. We provide information necessary to become a traveler so that people like me will increase as much as possible. In addition, we provide information on the fact that we had a hard time as a traveler, the path to that, and the real information unique to the experience for each occupation.

🌄Hobby:Travel & Living🌄

This is a tourist information page that uses a lot of pictures of beautiful scenery taken while traveling. I am not only sightseeing, but I am focusing on information that focuses on the local people’s lifestyle. Because I like to learn about the culture, history, and language of each country, I provide tourist information for each country based on what I have studied. We will carefully select the ones that were actually experienced and posted on My youtube.

💖Lifestyle:Traveler Life 💖

I am really interested in a lot of things. Various things that happen in my daily life are also a place for me to learn. The life on the trip, what I studied, what I experienced outside of work, and so on. I think that there are many experiences unique to travelers.

🗒SNS properly🗒


 ✈️AED Traveler

 ✏️AED Multilingual

I send more realistic information unique to videos.


 ✈️AED Traveler

 ✏️AED Multilingual

I send more attractive information unique to photos.

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 ✈️AED Traveler


I send to Japanese.


In particular, beautiful vertical photos are carefully selected and flown.


I send Blog and Youtube information.

❓Why I travel❓

It was not a good reason for me to go abroad. I have been troubled by personality, gender and nationality since I was a child.

One day, I couldn’t speak my native language. At that time, I was very shocked and depressed. However, I realized that this meant that people were trapped in the values ​​of the environment where they were born. I also realized that there was no point in living according to the values ​​of the environment where I was born. At this time, I decided to live abroad to live my own way. And I traveled to Finland for just $ 4,500 with no work. This was a big bet on my life. However, I met a fateful encounter there and was able to travel around the world while working now.

No one has to live absolutely where they were born, nor do they have to live in a way that is segregated by gender, and there is no reason to live without taking advantage of their personality.

In order to enjoy a life that is only once, I want to make my daily life attractive to say that it was a fun life that overturned painful things when I died.

I will continue the journey until I am satisfied. I write down every moment here. I pray that my record will help someone.



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